d|rig – the way forward.


D|rig will invest in operational methods of recycling to be the market leader with environmental friendly processes in recycling of rare earth metals. By continually working on research and development of our recycling processes, we aim to set a new industry standard where we can prove profitable processes. We wish to share this expertise with the industry for the greatest possible environmental impact.   The way forward is long and challenging, but we are benefited by our corporation with large Norwegian companies, co-working partners and the public sector that secures us enough volume to develope new automated recycling processes.   This is about taking our social responsibility seriously.   D|rig is working diligently to minimize landfill of technological equipment in Norway as well as abroad. We have certified personnel within high voltage electricity, cooling gas, advanced fire systems, etc. as traveling around the country to dismantle, collect and recycle technological equipment. Our prices for such services are very low as the goal is to make a difference even if it requires a financial investment.


d | rig was founded by Kim Romero on a visionary basis after being one of the founders of the leading player in the reuse of ICT equipment, Greentech since 2000, that was aquired by Arrow Value Recovery in 2013. The recycling industry is in the need for innovation, and it is simply our responsibility to do something about this. Smelting of PCBs is resulting in the loss of rare earth metals, at a global level under 1% of rare earth metals are recovered through recycling and over 90% of the supply is controlled by one nation. d|rig was founded with the goal to develop innovation in new methods for recycling to ensure extraction of rare earth metals in an automated and environmentally optimized process.


d|rig will work continuously with research and innovation to develop recycling processes that are environmentally optimized. With our certified personnel we will continuously strive to collect and fight Landfill of technological material.

D|Rig is privately owned and have an AAA financial rating from Dun & Bradstreet, a financial strong position that only 0,3% of Norwegian companies achieved in 2014.

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