A small change can make a big difference

February 4th, 2019

Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, and electronic waste becomes a greater problem worldwide, every day. According to a study made by the U.N. University, in 2016 there were approximately 44.7 million metric tons of electronic waste generated.

A recent article in Computer World states that Sydbank has entered into a partnership with d|rig for the management of their IT equipment. As environmental responsibility has gained a greater focus in recent years, and IT equipment is no exception, d|rig was a natural partner for Sydbank.

At d|rig, we help organizations to manage their IT and Communications equipment in a cost-effective, secure and environmentally responsible way. When equipment is received, all sensitive data is erased before it is sent to be reused by schools or in developing countries.

As mentioned by Computer World, this partnership has generated an income of DKK 80.000 for Sydbank, and their environmental savings corresponds to 1.3 million liters of clean drinking water.

“We are proud to be a part of such cycle. It is not the first time we have sent old equipment for recycling. However, it is the first time that we get such a thorough overview that shows the ways in which we are helping to save the environment,” explains Majbrit Hammerich Hansen, the department manager for IT service at Sydbank, in a press release.

Computer World adds that annually there are 850 computers replaced within Sydbank.

Read this interesting press release from one of our banking customers in Denmark.


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