about us

Who are we?

d|rig is a Nordic leader in the reuse of ICT equipment industry. We take responsibility for the entire value chain with our professional solutions for reuse, recycling and safe erasure of information.

Our business areas are:

  • Reuse of entire devices or single components
  • Recycling of waste materials
  • Professional deletion of sensitive information on all types of electronic storage media

We provide good solutions for used or discarded ICT equipment in a simple, safe and cost-effective way, while taking environmental responsibility.

Our goal is to be the complete End-Of-Life Partner through innovation and services in the field of reuse, data security, onsite services and global management.


We are driven by our focus on responsible innovation

d|rig is forward-thinking and focuses on innovation at all levels. In addition to our basic services, we continuously work on innovative projects that will take us into the future. Our customers should be confident that they will get the best financial, environmental and security solutions for their ICT equipment.

d|rig was founded by Kim Romero, on a visionary basis, after building the Nordic region's leading player in the reuse of ICT equipment.

The reuse industry is overdue for innovation, and it is our responsibility to help make a difference in this area. d|rig was founded with a goal of developing new methods of reuse and recycling. d|rig works to minimize landfills of technological equipment globally.


Pioneering Urban Mining project

One of our core values ​​is to take an active role in changing the future of our planet, in line with the EU's sustainable development goals.

d|rig has started a 3 MEUR innovation project with Sintef Digital, to investigate whether it is possible to create a system that automatically detects circuit boards and electronic components for recovery or recycling. The goal is to develop an automated production line to harvest components containing rare earth metals.

Smelting of circuit boards results in large losses of rare earth metals. At a global level, less than 1% of the soil metals is recovered and over 90% of their access is controlled by one nation.