Incident reporting

You can report issues regarding ethics and compliance at d|rig. It is possible to report both anonymously and using your contact information. Please use the below form.

The reporting procedures apply to employees at d|rig, and to external parties. You can also report on conditions affecting our involvement with other companies, sister companies or affiliates.

The purpose of the procedure is to ensure d|rig handles all received reports appropriately and that the person/persons reporting feel they can safely do so.

    What is reporting?

    Reporting or whistleblowing, is to notify of any concerns about violation of laws, rules, ethical guidelines, etc.

    Examples of reasons for reporting:

    • Violation of general legislation
    • Violation of d|rig’s values
    • Bullying, harassment and discrimination
    • Fraud and corruption
    • Privacy and information security
    • Relationships that pose a danger to people's lives and health
    • Substance Abuse

    Harassment is illegal behaviour towards a person that causes mental or emotional suffering, which includes repeated unwanted contacts without a reasonable purpose, insults, threats, touching or offensive language. It could be repeated behaviour or a singular incident.

    These are only examples of issues that you can report on and is not meant to be a complete list.

    If experiencing issues, you should consider the possibility of directly addressing the person/persons. If you feel like that’s not an option without the risk of reprisal, the appropriate action is to report.


    Reporting Procedures

    When d|rig receives notice of a reportable offence, it will be taken seriously, and we want to resolve the case in the best possible way.

    The case will normally be addressed by the general manager and OHS representative. The follow-up of the reporting depends on the circumstances that applies to the specific case. The management and safety delegate will assess their own competency in each case. Both the management and the safety delegate are bound by confidentiality.

    The management / safety representative will speak with the parties, and possibly others involved, to reveal facts of the course of events and to solve the problem. If you use your own contact information when reporting, you will receive information and updates regarding the case.