onsite services

We carry out decommissioning and redevelopment projects such as dismantling data centres, telecommunication centres and other technical installations. Our certified personnel can handle large as well as small tasks without geographical restriction. Our expertise ensures maximum data security, and the greatest possible benefit for the environment by reuse, and proper recycling.

There is a clear trend in the market that cloud services leads to consolidation of data centres, which in turn creates a need for decommissioning of smaller data centres. d|rig can offer to reset the data centre in the same condition as the landlord expects at the termination of tenancy.

Our expertise in data security, reuse and environmentally optimized recycling already plays a role in the demounting and teardown phase. Great values can be lost if it is not handled properly in this phase.

At d|rig we are service-minded and our employees have a good work ethic. When we are out on decommissioning and redevelopment projects, we carry out the work with humility and respect. No job, whether technical or geographical, is too big for us.

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