vision and values


Through our vision, we help identify and find solutions to our customers and partners' future challenges. Our vision guides us through the working day as a team, as an individual and as a comprehensive organization.

There is no practical problem we can't solve, and we see them rather as opportunities, not restrictions. Best practice isn't always what keeps us moving forward, risk-taking however, is.

We would like to be role models for how to think about circular economy focusing on reuse, and we will be fearless when providing competitive services and solutions for our customers and partners.

Our values

We build our values around our customers, partners and our employees. They are a combination of what speaks to the heart and to the mind. Our values ​​are at the forefront of how we run our business, and it’s important to us that they are at the center of everything we do in and outside of the company.

  • We are passionate about reuse and circular economy
  • We take social responsibility and carry out our services in accordance with our ethical guidelines
  • We are trustworthy, reliable and create expectations that are realistic. We are result orientated and keep our promises
  • Our attitude towards ourselves and our clients are based on mutual trust and respect
  • We are committed to being professional when serving our clients and our professionalism will permeate how we act in our environment
  • We find great solutions for our customers and partners
  • We have knowledge and experience and you can trust us to follow through
  • We are committed to having a good work environment, a place that challenges us and nurtures growth
  • Our employees are passionate about their work, they go the extra mile and they never give up
  • We stimulate innovative thinking and well-being
  • We bring compassion, joy and motivation with us in performance of our work and towards each other
  • We believe in open communication and engaging discussions

Public responsibility

As a responsible company, we would like to see our actions reflected in how we give back to the community. Our actions and attitudes should be consistent with the company’s vision and values.

We put social responsibility into action by donating 5% of our profits every year to a social cause.